Extending Federated Search

Raritan Technologies has developed a suite of Federated "connectors" which enable rapid deployment of Federated Search solutions. These workers can work with Microsoft's Search Server 2008, or Sharepoint, the Microsoft Office Research Pane, Google OneBox, Autonomy/Verity Federator, with Fast's Unity product, with other major search engines (Endeca, Exalead, Dieselpoint, Lucene, OmniFind ...) or in your own custom environment. Our connectors allow you to combine data from subscription or free search sites, from multiple Enterprise Search Engines, internal databases and other corporate resources seamlessly into a single search interface.

The connectors (built with the Raritan SIFT toolkit allows us to add new sources of data quickly by using our protocol specific workers (See documentation) which can be adapted to new sites in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Our trial (or other) connectors can be made available to potential qualified customers who contact us. You can also view a list of all the currently available connectors and also some demos showing advanced features that can be adapted to your needs.

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     Z39.50 White Paper   Z39.50 White Paper

  Federated connectors available for trial (Contact Us)
PubMed - PubMed, a service of the National Library of Medicine, includes over 14 million citations for biomedical articles back to the 1950's. These citations are from MEDLINE and additional life science journals. PubMed includes links to many sites providing full text articles and other related resources.

The Library of Congress - The Library's collection building activities cover virtually every discipline and field of study and include the entire range of different forms of publication and media for recording and storing knowledge. The Library has always striven to develop richly representative collections in all fields, except technical agriculture and clinical medicine, which are the collection responsibilities of the National Agricultural Library and the National Library of Medicine, respectively.

  Contact us for Demos of our Federated Connectors 

X1 Desktop Search - Use the highly acclaimed Desktop Search tool to search your local content (email, files...) plus content in your enterprise search engines.

Federated Medical - Medical researchers can perform Boolean searching against multiple public search engines (like Medline, The Merck Manual, Medscape and PinkSheets) all at the same time.  

Federated Plus - Demonstrates Federated search with a twist.  If the individual sites support advanced functionality, our connectors can support multi-field Federated search including the full Boolean capabilities of remote search sites or sources (including databases, Search Engines, Content Management systems/collaboration technologies).


  Use Federated Search Connectors to:

     Extend the reach of your Verity K2  Connect the data from all of your isolated content Silos
     Extend the reach of your Verity K2  Extend the reach of Microsoft Search Server, Google OneBox, Autonomy/Verity K2, Endeca, Fast/Unity, Ultraseek or other Enterprise Search Engines.
     Integrate multiple search systems  Access Public or Subscription search sites on the web.     
     Switch to Verity  Integrate your legacy search investment.
     Add Verity classification and recommendation  Add classification and recommendation features to legacy systems.
     new solutions quickly  Implement new solutions quickly and easily.
     Integrate multiple search systems  Integrate multiple search systems enterprise-wide.

  Other Raritan Federated Connectors *

Raritan Technologies can quickly add your sites with its reusable protocol specific workers. These workers include a SQL Database worker, which can connect to internal SQL sources, a Documentum Worker, and other workers which can access LDAP, eRooms, HTTP/HTTPS, OpenSearch, SOAP and Z39.50 protocols as well as to numerous Enterprise Search Engines or Search sites on the web with a minimal configuration effort. Consolidated results are closer than you think. Following is a partial list of sites that we've successfully navigated with our connectors.


eCommerce - These sites and others sites which offer merchandise for sale can be monitored via federated searches in order to implement "Price Compare Capabilities".
Dell   CompUSA   OfficeMax   CDW

Medical/Life Sciences - By Federating searches to these and other sites, people in R&D, medical, lifesciences, hospitals can access a wide variety of information with a single search.
Merck   Medscape   Health News Daily   The Pink Sheet   The Gold Sheet   Merck   Mayo Clinic   FDA Toxline   Medline   OVID   SEC Edgar   ChemIndustry   PubChem   Health Canada    Regulatory Affairs (RAPS)    EMEA

News - Searches of these and other news providers (free and subscription) can consolidate news from many sources.
Reuters   CBSNews

Jobs - Jobseekers (and employers) can perform their searches more effectively.
Monster   Yahoo! HotJobs

Government - The vast resources of the U.S. government can be combined easily with data from other sources.
US Patent Office   Library of Congress  Clinical Trials

Financial - Data from these and Subscription sites can be easily combined.
CNNmoney   The Motley   Hoovers

Legal - Perform consolidated legal research from this and other sites that you subscribe to.
LexisONE   Google

Z39.50 - Thousands of search sources support this protocol. Data from universities, subscription sites, government sites and others can be added to your list of sources very easily.
Leeds University (Russia)   Memorial University Libraries (Newfoundland)   Det Kongelige Bibliotek (Denmark's Royal Library)   Wiley Interscience   Library of Congress  

* Although a Federated search behaves identically to an online user, can use authentication mechanisms and in no way mimics a "denial of service attack", Raritan Technologies Inc. makes no assumptions or claims about "terms of use" regulations regarding Federated searching. Although our technology makes this possible, it is up to the purchasers and users of Federated Technology to ensure that they are authorized to perform Federated searches against a particular site.

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