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"A simple, elegant yet powerful user interface is necessary today for a company to present its product line in the most effective manner. To do this, state of the art tools must be applied to solve business problems."
                          Barry Freindlich: President - Raritan Technologies

  Mar 22, 2004 - Alcoa releases new and Improved Product Search

Alcoa, the World's leading producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina, with 120,000 employees in 41 countries and revenues of $21.5 billion decided to improve it's Product Search and Navigation offered on Alcoa.com. The amount of products, businesses and locations made navigation improvement a business imperative.

The Problem:
How to provide an interface which is intuitive enough to search and navigate through the vast range of Alcoa products for all businesses and locations at one time while still keeping the Alcoa look and detailed information for the product line.

Raritan Technologies, Inc. (RTI), working collaboratively with Alcoa, built a new and improved Product Search interface (based on Verity's Parametric and K2 technology) which allows users to access the data in a more intuitive manner by combining the best of search and browse.

Developed by Raritan Technologies, the new Alcoa site retains and integrates the favorite features of the previous site while adding new features. New features include:

  • The ability to search full text descriptions of products
  • Ability for the user to always see the product, business and location for selected products
  • Integrated browse and search
  • Effortless navigation through organized categories
  • No dead ends. Each click brings back products.
  • There is no confusion about where a person is and how to get back.
According to Dean Reese, Internet Technology Analyst at Alcoa Global Business Services, "The new Product Navigation for Alcoa brings Alcoa in line with leading eCommerce B2B and B2C sites in the U. S. With the help of Raritan Technologies, Alcoa will continue to be the world's leading aluminum supplier and is better able to show off the high quality products that have been produced by Alcoa for over 100 years.

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