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Search Integration Framework Toolkit
 Search Integration Framework Toolkit (SIFT )


    Raritan's SIFT (Search Integration Framework Toolkit) is a software toolkit that we use to rapidly develop full featured search and information processing applications using a wide variety of content sources and information management technologies. SIFT is not in and of itself a database or a search engine, rather it provides a way of combining these and other technologies to maximize their usefulness by providing integrated access to multiple sources of information. We use SIFT to enhance the power of your Search Engine or Engines (e.g. Autonomy/K2 (Verity), Endeca, Exalead, Fast, Dieselpoint, Google Appliance (OneBox), IBM OmniFind, Lucene, Microsoft Search Server / Sharepoint ...) used in your enterprise to connect the disconnected "Silos" of data and to enhance the User Experience.

     SIFT allows content to be integrated from internal sources such as search engines, databases, file systems, directory services, document management systems and external sources like news services (e.g. Factiva, Bloomberg) web sites, FTP and RSS feeds. The Raritan solution takes advantage of the similarities in content and metadata to create a set of interchangeable parts that can exchange information from different sources. Each application can be targeted to appropriate content and its features tailored to the needs of a particular set of users without “reinventing the wheel” each time. The result is the rapid development of robust, full-featured knowledge management applications.

     SIFT features an open, modular "plug-and-play" architecture based on Java and XML that enables the cost-effective development of state of the art, "production-ready" information management applications. The modular design not only facilitates initial system development, it also enables smooth transitions as new components are added to or removed from the enterprise's operating environment. As such it is a good choice for an enterprise architecture because it can handle changing resources without extensive modification.


RTI uses SIFT  to develop advanced Feature Rich search applications quickly and on budget and to gather data from a variety of sources, including your Collections, File Systems, Web pages, Exchange Public folders, Documentum, eRooms, Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase) and other sources. Additional sources can be added if required.


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Please contact sales@raritantechnologies.com to discuss building an advanced search application for your organization.

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